In anticipation of the Crowds and Clouds Workshop this weekend (Fri/Sat Apr 4-5), we caught up with Patrick Jagoda who will be discussing the involvement of large populations in active research, as well as the creation of mass-archiving and data-mining facilities with researchers from UofC and beyond. Jagoda is a professor in both the English, and Cinema and Media […]

Here are some quick links to UChicago’s DH and related events this April! Tues Apr 1: Writing Trans-regional Intellectual History & the Rediscovery of Early Modern Indo-Persian Philology 2:00 pm – 5:45 pm Regenstein Library, Room 122 <; Tues Apr 1: Octavia Butler & Emergent Strategy with adrienne maree brown 6:00 pm Arts Incubator, Washington […]

Although Matthew Wilkens’s talk was driven by his research focus on the socio-political effect of the Civil War on American literature, the titled – “Quantitative Approaches to Literary Attention” – indicates the broader interest for those pursuing quantitative methods in the humanities. Having constructed a corpus of American fiction spanning 1851-75, using texts digitized by […]

Matthew Wilkens, Assistant Professor of English at Notre Dame University, will be speaking at the Digital Humanities Forum on March 7 about Geospatial Cultural Analysis and its intersection with Literary Production. Specifically, Wilkens’ research asks: Using computational analysis, how can we define and assess the geographic imagination of American fiction around the Civil War, and […]